The Shasta Shack is the reason we got into the business, but have fallen in love with all things photo booth.  If you want a photo booth but aren't sure the Shasta Shack is for you, don't worry we have two different inflatable LED booths and an inflatable LED wall.  Still not sure?  How about an open air photo booth, where we can use a back drop or even that cool wall at your location.  One of the most requested add ons to our booth is our GIFpod which you can now rent solo.  The GIFpod will take a series of photos which turns it into a gif file (movie) that you and your guests can share via email.  Once they get the email tag away on your favorite social media.  We can customize any package you choose or even add a hashtag/instagram printing station.



The Insta Shack Trailer camper is our flag ship reason why we do what we do!  

This is a one of a kind set up  and we are the only ones to offer this in the tri-state area, not to mention it's really awesome!

Philly gif

The GIFpod is available to rent on its own or you can add it to the shack or trailer for some extra fun! It's unique, fun, and can be shared right away to your guests email.



The 8x8 shack is a fun yet classy addition to any party.  Super easy to set up and has led lights inside that can be changed to any color of your choice.